Pina Parie “Nail Cosmetic Line”

For the past 12 years, Pina Parie have been selling top quality products that are made in Germany exclusively for nail and hand institutes throughout Europe.

Thanks to our experience in this market, and the demand for high-quality, our products are created gentle to the natural nail, and are acid free. Our focus with our product, is to completely base our care on the natural nail itself – we want hands and nails to be beautiful, but also healthy.

Our Pina Parie UV Flexible Gels are used as a one-step application, rather than something like a base or builder gel. You can apply our flexible gel to a full hand all at once as it has excellent adhesion and control.

Our Pina Parie Gel Glosses are also fantastic, as they have a wonderful long-lasting wear and shine.

In addition to the above, Pina Parie also offer our exclusive range of UV Colour Gels. Rich, glossy and beautiful, our colours give off a luminosity, making our range striking and breathtaking – accumulating to a total range of over 200 inspiring colours. We are constantly researching and working to make sure we always keep up with the newest trends and yearly fashion markets. The unique colours are highly pigmented, opaque, self-levelling, and low allergy, and made with only top of the range pure and raw materials – all the while staying completely acid free.

Andea Gourley has been the main Trade distributor in Northern Ireland & Ireland now for seven years and she is based in County Fermanagh.


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